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Michael Kobus was an amazing son, brother and uncle. He was an absolute optimist working toward a more enriched life for himself and others by reaching dreams set forth. He loved music in every facet and his spirit shines in his kind-hearted generosity setting in motion The Michael Kobus Foundation.



The Michael Kobus Foundation is a non-profit organization providing scholarships in honor of Michael Kobus to continue his desire to help others. He was a concert promoter and a staple in the Texas live music scene. Michael’s business life made his name synonymous with professional integrity in quality performances. This drive and motivation inspired us to share the gift of music through music scholarships with those who wouldn’t otherwise have access.

Love of Music


Michael’s love for music enabled his ability to play instruments, write songs, along with supporting many artists throughout his life. Michael believed music is one of the most important aspects in the fabric of society.  He believed in people, always wanting to have a beneficial impact on anyone he encountered by encouraging positive changes in their lives in any way he possibly could. Therefore, the Michael Kobus foundation looks to carry on his passion for music and helping others by offering a hand in keeping music education alive. The Foundation hopes to build communities and create special relationships with those who are eager to bring the love of music to others.

Our Mission


“Helping children, one note at a time, find their song.”


If you are interested in seeking assistance for your child, please click here to download the application.

Application Form
Michael D. Kobus
1969 - 2015


Our inspiration. His legacy will live on in the music created by those young musicians who will ultimately benefit from our efforts.

Kris Kobus
Foundation President & CEO

Kris started this foundation in 2016 to honor our brother, friend, son, and inspiration. She is fearless, no-nonsense and determined. With her leadership, there is no telling what we can accomplish together.

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